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Hi ,

I have an Infineon Aurix TC299 board with an ethernet interface.

Infineon gave us the MCAL librabry to run the basic ethernet demo application like Ping, RX and TX frames etc etc.

This library demo app intializes the MAC and the PHY at 100MBps.

Issue :

For our application we need the LWIP 2.0.2 stack integarted to this Libraby and ensure we send and receive the packets with TCP header + IP header + MAC header + payload format with the unit on the other side of our ethernet interface.

This is a Non-OS board, so i intergarted the Lwip 2.0.2 stack with the library and made necessary changes as mentioned in the link provided below : http://lwip.wikia.com/wiki/Porting_For_Bare_Metal

We call the Lwip_init and Netif_add functions in the Ethernet Init function of the MCAL demo app function.

Now, on one side we have a linux machine where we run the Client TCP socket code . This is connected to our etherenet and we expect to be the server.

Issue comes here : the bind and listen is happening properly, but the Accept is not being called back in our code. On the client side , we see "-1" returned when the connect function is called. we are not sure where we are stuck.

Can someone please help us on this issue and se how to proceed further.