lwIP Wiki

lwIP is very modular and has support for a wide variety of protocols, most of which can be removed for smaller code size.

  • Link and network protocols:
    • ARP, a link-layer protocol used to translate a native hardware address (i.e., "MAC address") into an IP address
    • IPv4, the dominant network-layer protocol used today, particularly in the internet
    • IPv6, the successor to IPv4, which, in particular, expands the size of the IP address to 128 bits
    • ICMP, a control protocol for IP
    • IGMP, a management protocol for multicast groups in IP
  • Transport protocols
    • UDP, a connectionless sockets protocol without any reliability mechanisms
    • TCP, a connection-oriented protocol for "streaming"
  • High-level protocols
    • DHCP, an IP address acquisition method with a server
    • AUTOIP, an IP address selection method without a server
    • SNMP, used to monitor network conditions
    • PPP, used to create a direct connection between two nodes