err_t netconn_write ( struct netconn * aNetConn, const void * aData, 
                                       size_t aSize, u8_t aApiFlags );
  • aNetConn : the netconn object the data is written to
  • aData : address of beginning of the data to write
  • aSize : the length of the data in bytes
  • aApiFlags : either of
    • NETCONN_NOCOPY if the data is stable for the time of the transmission (static data or heap)
    • NETCONN_COPY if the data is not stable for the time of the transmission (stack)

Write data to an active netconn connection. See example in netconn_connect (). You might want to have a look to the Nagle Algorithm in the Raw API, Miscellaneous. Nagle handles the problem of small data to overhead ratios.

(last changed: June 16, 2011)

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