Warning: Change of interface

Interface from v1.4.0 on:

err_t netconn_recv ( struct netconn * aNetConn, struct netbuf ** aNetBuf );
  • in aNetConn : netconn structure received by netconn_new or netconn_accept.
  • out aNetBuf : returns the buffer containing all the data received
  • return : ERR_OK if 'aNetBuf' contains valid data or some error code, in which case 'aNetBuf' is undefined

Up to lwIP v1.3.2 the interface was:

struct netbuf * netconn_recv ( struct netconn * aNetConn );
  • in aNetConn : same as above
  • return : buffer containing all the data received or NULL on error

Receive data from a netconn connection. Without further arrangement, this call is blocking. If you want a timeout, you must activate the timeout mechanism.

(last changed: 24.05.2011)

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