lwIP Wiki

Support for IPv6 is currently being added to LwIP. An experimental version can be downloaded from git.

The current implementation allows for a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack. IPv6 support is enabled through #define LWIP_IPV6 1 in lwipopts.h.

Although still in development stages, the implementation supports:

  • IPv6 layer, parallel to IPv4
  • Support in TCP/UDP/RAW pcbs
  • Support in Netconn API
  • Support in Socket API
  • ICMPv6
  • Neighbor Discovery
  • Multicast Listener Discovery
  • Stateless address autoconfiguration
  • IPv6 fragmentation and reassembly
  • Ethernet IF using ND

IPv6 addresses are specified using the ip6_addr_t define in ip6_addr.h.